Dear systemd folks,

Trying to decrease the start-up time, I noticed that `systemd-logind`
probes devices in serial(?) (instead of parallel).

From `manager_enumerate_buttons(Manager *m)` in `src/login/logind.c`:

        udev_list_entry_foreach(item, first) {
                _cleanup_(udev_device_unrefp) struct udev_device *d = NULL;
                int k;

                d = udev_device_new_from_syspath(m->udev, 
                if (!d)
                        return -ENOMEM;

                k = manager_process_button_device(m, d);
                if (k < 0)
                        r = k;

The macro is defined as below:

 * udev_list_entry_foreach:
 * @list_entry: entry to store the current position
 * @first_entry: first entry to start with
 * Helper to iterate over all entries of a list.
#define udev_list_entry_foreach(list_entry, first_entry) \
        for (list_entry = first_entry; \
             list_entry != NULL; \
             list_entry = udev_list_entry_get_next(list_entry))

Is there a way to do that in parallel?

Kind regards,


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