2018-07-19 1:46 GMT+02:00 Ryan Gonzalez <rym...@gmail.com>:
> The fastest any distro is going to get systemd would probably be from a
> bleeding-edge distro (e.g. Fedora Rawhide). If you don't want you system to
> be a disaster zone, though, Arch got systemd 237 just two weeks after
> release.
> Fedora will push systemd releases with their new versions, which come out
> every six months, and I believe non-LTS Ubuntu distros are probably the
> same.
> Anything LTS though (like Ubuntu LTS, Debian, or your own CentOS) is going
> to be the absolute *worst* for getting pretty much anything new...

Keep in mind that Fedora Rawhide is the development branch of fedora.
If you are open to that, you can just as well also use Debian sid,
which usually get's new systemd releases within a couple of days (e.g.
v239 was realised 22.6.18, uploaded to Debian a couple hours later at
Those uploads then migrate to Debian testing automatically after a few
days, if no regressions are found.

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