On Di, 14.05.19 11:02, Ulrich Windl (ulrich.wi...@rz.uni-regensburg.de) wrote:

> >     $ find /i/dont/exist
> >     find: ‘/i/dont/exist’: No such file or directory
> I was talking about this:
> v04:~> find /var -name no-such-file 2>&1 | grep -v ': Permission denied'
> it outputs nothing if no file was found. And it's similar to systemd: It looks
> for a file in different places, but eventually did not find it. Also: In your
> example above the "No such file or directory" is specific to /i/dont/exist,
> while in systemd it's unspecific (which is confusing IMHO when no file name is
> associated dire4ctly with it).

We try a few places and then propagate the error we last saw. I'd
argue that is good behaviour actually.

I mean, I am not saying that our message output couldn't be improved,
but I must say the logic of "search but propagate original error on
failure" is a good strategy, not a bad one.


Lennart Poettering, Berlin
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