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> >> > Writing a generator is not a typical user would do. It's what a
> >> > developer of a package would do, and yes, in that case, when you write
> >> > code you need a bit more understanding of the underpinnings and need
> >> > to do more work.
> >>
> >> systemd.generator(7) could really need some (better/realistic) examples.
> >
> > I think you assume generators are something they inherently are not.
> Even if so, a better example might clarify things. Just referring to a binary
> generator like systemd-fstab-generator is not really helpful to teach how to
> write a generator. You don't like scripts as generators, but I think still 
> they
> would make a good example what a generator is supposed to do and what not.

Well, there can always be more examples, but "generators" are
inherently an advanced concept: if you are writing a generator, then
you already should be pro enough to be able to consult the sources of
the various generators shipped with systemd.

i.e. it's not a beginners topic, it's a very low-level, technicallly
advanced one.


Lennart Poettering, Berlin
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