Il giorno mer 22 mag 2019 alle ore 11:17 Mantas Mikulėnas
<> ha scritto:
> If your program is already X11-based, you could use the screensaver protocol 
> to get idle status and forward it to logind.

BOINC client is just a service, and it runs on machines that can run
X11, Wayland, or no graphical session.
So if with screensaver protocol you meant XScreensaver API, this
unfortunately will not fit my needs. Perhaps instead of using a single
solution for all of them I have to write some code that will adapt at
least to the main desktop environments, by asking to them the user
idle time.

Second question: perhaps can be useful if I start a topic in GNOME /
KDE Plasma development mailing lists asking them to make patches that
will let systemd-logind know about user idle time. By doing this,
Linux distro world could use systemd-logind as single solution for
detecting user idle time, making easier the work of third party
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