On Sun, Jun 09, 2019 at 05:58:16PM -0300, Leonardo Akel Daher wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to make a Pull Request for systemd, but I am struggling running
> the tests locally (before making any code changes). I get the error of the
> attached image when running "ninja -C build/ test".


please don't attach error logs as messages. Just copy & paste the error
text into your mail.

You are hitting a bug in meson. Since you installed meson using pip, you
have a very new meson, which you are using with a rather old python.
It's likely that this combination is not tested very well.
But it *should* work. Maybe you can get more help from Ubuntu users.

> I then decided to try using mkosi to create an image, but then I get this
> other error (attached on this other image). I currently use Ubuntu, so
> should I change the file mkosi.default so it includes Ubuntu's file instead
> of Fedora's?

You are using an old mkosi version that doesn't know about newer Fedora.
Either update, or switch to Ubuntu images as you say.

> Another problem I faced, but have already fixed was while installing Meson.
> In Ubuntu's package manager, the latest Meson version is < 0.46, so when
> running "meson build", it renders an error stating that my Meson version
> should be >= 0.46. I fixed this by installing Meson through Python's
> package manager, pip. But, I think this would be a problem when trying to
> build the Ubuntu image with mkosi. How would I install the pip's version of
> Meson instead of Ubuntu package manager's?

You can run arbitrary scripts during image creation, so in principle you
could do 'pip install' then. But it quickly becomes very messy and complicated.

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