FWIK passno > 0 in /etc/fstab configures only order in which the fsck
is performed, not the frequency. To configure the frequency as well,
I'd recommend taking a look at `man systemd-fsck@.service`, especially
the `fsck.mode=force` kernel command line parameter, which should do
exactly what you're trying to achieve.

On 11/11/19 1:33 PM, Belisko Marek wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using systemd 234 (build by yocto) and I've setup automount of
> sdcard in fstab. This works perfectly fine. But I have seen from time
> to time when system goes to emergency mode because sdcard filesystem
> (ext4) have an issue and cannot be mounted. I was thinking about
> forcing fsck for every boot. Reading manual it should be enough to set
> passno (6th column in fstab) to anything higher then 0. I set ti to 2
> but inspecting logs it doesn't seems fsck is performed. Am I still
> missing something? Thanks.
> BR,
> marek

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