I'd say calling it a 'terrible website' is somewhat subjective. I'm not a fan 
of single-page websites or websites
which won't load with a plethora of other javascript libraries. Also, as the 
person, who 'nominated' systemd for
having a 'terrible website' said in the thread you linked - "I like this kind 
of simplicity" - which is also true.
The current systemd homepage is pretty simple, without any additional 
distracting eye-candy, and it's getting the
job done really well, for a 'fancy' man page (and as a bonus, it works in 

Also, there is a second systemd website, again pretty bare-bones, generated 
using GH pages[0].

That said, this is just my personal opinion, not in any way affiliated with the 
systemd organization. Also, I'm
not trying to disrespect your offer, just pointing out different aspects of the 
current website :-).

[0] https://systemd.io/

On 11/13/19 6:37 PM, Nick Ham wrote:
> Dear systemd,
> You've been nominated on Reddit (see 
> https://old.reddit.com/r/opensource/comments/dvnugk/what_are_some_preferably_popular_open_source)
>  for having a 'terrible website'. 
> I am writing to offer help change that for you. I make the world's fastest 
> website generator called Nift (https://nift.cc <https://nift.cc/>). It is 
> cross-platform (bsd/linux/osx/windows) and open source (MIT license), up to 
> 15 times faster than its closest rival Hugo and can handle building websites 
> with millions of pages.
> Examples of websites made with Nift using HTML5 UP templates include:
>  1. https://nift.cc <https://nift.cc/>
>  2. https://tron.ai-bots.net <https://tron.ai-bots.net/>
>  3. https://lvsportsclinic.com <https://lvsportsclinic.com/>
>  4. https://n-ham.com <https://n-ham.com/>
> Although Nift works awesomely for coding websites from scratch as well, HTML5 
> UP templates I have in mind for making websites for people with include:
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/alpha/
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/helios/
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/landed/
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/telephasic/
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/twenty/
> https://html5up-nsm-templates.github.io/txt/
> You can see the gitlab mirror of the source code for the Nift website at 
> https://gitlab.com/nifty-site-manager/nifty-site-manager.gitlab.io , the 
> files used to build the website are in the content and template directories 
> and the built website is in the site directory. It would look pretty much the 
> same for a systemd website made with Nift just using a different template and 
> having different content etc..
> Let me know if you are potentially interested in pursuing a new website for 
> systemd. I can be contacted at cont...@n-ham.com <mailto:cont...@n-ham.com>
> Regards,
> Dr Nicholas Ham
> https://n-ham.com <https://n-ham.com/>
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