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> > It could very well be because of the dhcpcd.service you're using.
> >
> > I don't know what it's like on Raspbian, but on Debian this unit appears
> > to have no ordering with respect to network.target or network-pre.target
> > at all.
> Ah, therein lies my failing - I assumed OS supplied units wouldn't
> need adapting...
> Adding After=network-pre.target to dhcpcd.service seems to have
> resolved it, and taught me a lesson in the process.
> Is there an obvious reason I'm missing why these aren't distro
> defaults? (Is this a "bug" in the network management tools' unit
> files? Would "fixing" this at the distro level have any likely side
> effects?)

Yes, this is a bug in the the distro packaging. Please file a bug
against your distro, so that they add After=network-pre.target.

My educated guess is that, it's not trvial to get this right: we
document what network-pre.target is for in systemd.special(7) man
page, but I figure not everyone looks there. And i guess one most know
a certain level of systemd to understand what this actually means for
a specific implementation.


Lennart Poettering, Berlin
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