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> Hello all,
> I have noticed that when using certain sandboxing features for units, e.g. 
> ProtectHome,
> a directory will get created in /run/systemd/propagate with the name of the 
> service,
> e.g. /run/systemd/propagate/example.service, which systemd is then using for 
> certain bind mounts.
> Now, the thing is, that directory is never going to be deleted after the 
> service stops,
> which is all good, after all /run is a tmpfs, but this is becoming slightly 
> problematic
> when using instantiated services, you can end up with large numbers of 
> directories
> under /run/systemd/propagate.
> I have seen some extreme cases where /run runs out of inodes because of this.
> One extreme example : way too many directories are created under 
> /run/systemd/propagate when a lot
> of coredumps are generated on a system which uses systemd-coredump.
> You will have one instantiated unit per coredump, hence a directory like
> /run/systemd/propagate/systemd-coredump@1-1234-0.service is going to be 
> created and so on.
> All things considered, shouldn’t these directories be deleted after a service 
> stops?

THis is probably a bug. Can you please file an issue on systemd github
about this?



Lennart Poettering, Berlin

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