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On 03-07-2023 10:47, Lennart Poettering wrote:
I can get the CGroup and session scope with "systemctl status <mainpid>";
but I still can't figure out what to stop then. So how can I finish this
"spawned off" session - the one that started from a "PAMName=login" option
in the service file?
I am not sure I grok your question.

From your answer I'd guess you did.

But we do not provide a way
currently to associate session scope units with the service units they
have been created by. There's no nice way to go from one to ther

OK, that's important information.

Now my remaining question is probably so very basic, that you sort of missed it: my "session" is started from a script and so I'm probably able to stop all services in the session from within this script - if I knew how to find "it": "it" being "the thing to stop", i.e. "my own session" or something like that. I.e. the script should kill itself and all its children.

Would that be possible? I simply don't know how to "find my own session and kill it" from within my own session - and I wouldn't know how to stop it either.

To rephrase: how should a session commit suicide if it really wants to? ;-)

Does that help? (Or is the answer "no you can't - seek help" ;-)

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