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> > Because I don't necessarily control what other people do. And there's
> > still a very long tail of software out there that only ships a
> > sysvinit script. There are still people upgrading from RHEL 5/6, SLE
> > 11, or Ubuntu 14.04 too. The software they bring along that they can't
> > change would still be using sysvinit scripts.
> A concrete example I ran into last week. The "Cisco Secure Client" which is
> mandated in many places because it doesn't allow the user to disable the
> "Cisco Secure Desktop trojan" like openconnect does.
> The latest (AFAIK) 5.x versions continue to drop a service into
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/ciscod on generic linux platforms rather than providing a
> systemd unit file.

So you admit the current way to get them to provide proper unit files
didn't work. Hence the next logic step for us: increase the pressure a
bit now. We gave them enough time I think.

> Maybe as a starting place throwing some loud errors in the
> journal/console/etc might encourage people to clean this up. (forgive me if
> its already doing that, I've not seen it).

That has been in place for a while:



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