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> I am trying to enable stack traces for core dumps with
> systemd-coredump.  I have a yocto build for aarch64 containing
> systemd 250 with the coredump and elfutils options enabled in the
> build, and the binaries I'm trying to debug are not stripped.
> coredumpctl list shows the core files and I can use coredumpctl gdb
> to get a backtrace, but coredumpctl info does not show a backtrace.
> Is there another build option I need, or any good way to debug where
> the stack trace is failing?

Note that systemd-coredump doesn't directly link against libdw.so.1
(i.e. the relevant library from elfutils) but will dlopen() it. I
don't know yocto, but I wouldn#t be surprised if it doesn't realize
this and doesn't install the .so in your image (or in your initrd)
because it doesn't notice the dependency.

> And if I get it working, does the systemd stacktrace functionality
> support using a -dbg package with debug symbols in a separate file?

I don't know what yocto -dbg packages are. But the elfutils library
supports the usual debug symbols linux distros provide, including the
minimal debug info available in current fedora distros built-in.


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