Hello again,

shelving that multiple BT adapters idea for a moment, since that doesn't
seem to be a supported configuration, more's the pity,
the issue with GNOME seems to be that /dev/rfkill doesn't get the right
permissions. It's tagged "uaccess" alright, the intention seems to be that
(active) logged-in users get rw-, but this only actually works on seat0. If
both seats idle at the greeter, gdm (or lightdm) gets rw- via ACL. If I
login at seat0, that ACL is replaced by an identical one for my user, and
the GNOME BT panel works. If I login at seat1 instead, nothing changes,
there's still just the one ACL for the greeter's user (and obviously the
GNOME BT panel is broken).

Obviously I could just override the regular permissions via udev rule, give
it to an "rfkill" group or something, but I'd rather do it properly.

Kind regards,
Christian Pernegger

 I login on seat0, my user gets r

Am Mo., 28. Aug. 2023 um 15:12 Uhr schrieb Christian Pernegger <

> Hello all!
> Sorry to bother a -devel list with my user troubles, but I don't know
> where (else) to start.
> So, Ubuntu 22.04, multiseat setup automagically via loginctl. The only
> thing I had to do extra was disable Wayland in gdm. Works beautifully.
> Except for Bluetooth.
> I've one USB port (with an attached hub) attached to seat one. Thought I'd
> just attach a dedicated BT dongle to that hub, done. Turns out BT adapters
> don't show up in the output of loginctl seat-status at all, not the USB one
> on the hub, not the (USB) one integrated into the mainboard. Looking at
> them with udevadm they seem to be tagged correctly, AFAICT.
> In GNOME on seat1 it shows my (manually paired) BT keyboard in the system
> dropdown menu, but when I open BT settings it says BT is off, no adapters
> found.
> In GNOME on seat0 the BT settings GUI works, but AFAICT shows the wrong
> adapter.
> I'm thinking I may just have the wrong end of the stick entirely--how is
> BT supposed to work with multiseat? Ideally each seat would be able to pair
> and configure its own BT devices in the usual GNOME GUI. But maybe it's
> more of a bluetoothd access control thing than a device assignment one?
> Anyway, would appreciate a few pointers,
> Kind regards,
> Christian Pernegger

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