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> I am trying to create a system where we can change locale on a
> running system (where we would have daemons subscribe to dbus and
> get the properties changed messages) but need to be able to change
> the location of the locale file (by default in /etc/locale.conf) as
> /etc is read-only on our system.

We do not support that. /etc/ is the place for configuration on Linux,
and if you make that immutable you basically turn off the ability to
configure things at runtime. Which is totally OK to do of course, but
if this is the mode you pick you shouldn't be surprised that this is
what you get.

> Is there a way to change the file location to a writeable location
> as I can not find any current means to do such?

This is not configurable, the path /etc/locale.conf is considered
API. It's not a hidden backend or so, but a primary interface to this


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