I set up WSL on Windows 10 and created an instance from the default Ubuntu
22.04 image.

I ran some (non-GUI) software that somehow relies on Qt, and apparently Qt
does some checks on the XDG environment, so I got the following.

*Warning: QStandardPaths: wrong permissions on runtime directory
/run/user/1000/, 0755 instead of 0700*

And yes, all the user folders are set to 755, including much of their
content, which violates the XDG Base Directory Specification. (screenshot:

As far as I can understand, its some part of systemd, that creates this
folder. So is this an issue with systemd?

The validate_runtime_directory in pam_systemd already does a number of
checks on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. How about also checking if the permissions are

Sincerely, Thomas

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