Hi Lennart,

I know we are not using the pam_systemd. That is the reason we try to run the 
steps manually. It was possible to start the user@<UID>.service in systemd 
v253, but it fails now with v254 or later.

Best regards,
Christopher Wong

From: Lennart Poettering <lenn...@poettering.net>
Date: Thursday, 7 December 2023 at 22:03
To: Christopher Wong <christopher.w...@axis.com>
Cc: systemd-devel@lists.freedesktop.org <systemd-devel@lists.freedesktop.org>
Subject: Re: [systemd-devel] Manual start of user@<uid>.service failed with 
permission denied
On Do, 07.12.23 18:29, Christopher Wong (christopher.w...@axis.com) wrote:

> Hi Lennart,
> We are doing the steps to start up a rootless docker. If I don’t set 
> XDG_RUNTIME_DIR then I will get the below error:
> systemd[1925]: Trying to run as user instance, but $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
> is not set.

pam_systemd is responsible for setting this env var. Most likely you
are missing that from the PAM stack that is used by this user@.service

> The 503 is a system user. So, just to try it out, I created a user,
> which got the UID 1001. Using that UID gave me the same result as
> the 503.

It's a bad idea to run user stuff as system user.


Lennart Poettering, Berlin

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