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> Although the nice thing about a storage-init like approach is there's
> basically zero copies up front. What storage-init is trying to be, is
> a tool to just call systemd storage things, without also inheriting
> all the systemd stack.

Just to make this clear: using things like systemd-cryptsetup outside
of the systemd stack is not going to work once you leave trivial
setups. i.e. the TPM hookup involves multiple services these days, and
it's not going to get any simpler. i.e. systemd-tpm2-setup,
systemd-pcrextend, systemd-pcrlock and so on. I am sorry, but doing
reasonable disk encryption with TPM involved means you either buy into
the whole systemd offer (i.e. with the service manager) or you have to
rewrite your own systemd.

But maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying here.


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