BRISBANE, Australia (AP) - One year after hitting the depths in
her track career and nearly quitting, Amy Rudolph has reached the
heights again. She is an Olympian for the second time.

"With all the experience I've had over the last four years, I
should be able to deal with it," Rudolph said of her 5,000-meter
race at the Sydney Games.

Last August she was ready to stop competing, after failing to
make the 5,000 final at the World Championships in Seville, Spain.

"I ran disastrously in the heats," she said. "It was my slowest
time ever for the 5K."

When Rudolph returned home, she learned she was anemic -- again.

"I was physically and mentally at my lowest point," she said.

"Quitting crossed my mind, but I knew there was more in me. I
didn't want to quit because of my potential.

"At first, I said to myself, 'This is the end.' Then I questioned
it. I didn't feel it in my heart to quit. There was always that
word 'maybe.' I knew I hadn't gotten the best out of me yet."

She was right.

Since last month's Olympic trials, Rudolph has run personal bests
in two events -- 4:06 for 1,500 meters at Hectal, Belgium, and
8:39.86 for 3,000 meters at Zurich, Switzerland.

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