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Runner's World Online posted on May Day:

Fantastic 5000: The British track and field newsletter Athletics 
International reports in its latest edition that a remarkable women's masters 
track record went unspotted last summer. Romanian Elena Fidatov (born July 
24, 1960) ran the 5000 meters in 15:20.59 in Bucharest on August 7, 
obliterating the previous masters WR of 15:51.7 by Nicole Leveque in 1994. 

Me again: That's sub-5-minute mile pace for 3.1 miles. Incredible. Perhaps as 
amazing is the fact that this didn't come to light until now -- nine months 
after the fact.  Quite a gestation period for a mark worth 14:37 when 
age-graded to compare with open (elite) competition. (The outdoor women's WR 
for 5000 is 14:28.09.)  What are the odds of WAVA recognizing Fidatov's 5K as 
the masters record?  About as good as my becoming president of WAVA.

Also amazing: EF's PR at 5000 is listed as 15:12.58  on Peter Larsson's Web 
site. And she did THAT at age 35 in Göteborg  in 1995.   A late bloomer, I gue

Unmentioned by Runner's World Online was the fact that Fidatov five months 
before her record run was sprung from a doping ban.  Reuters reported in 
March 2000:

BUCHAREST, March 16 (Reuters) - Romanian Elena Fidatov, banned two years ago 
for failing a drug test, has been given the green light by the International 
Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) to compete at the world cross-country 
championships in Portugal, an official said. 

Nicolae Marasescu, general secretary of the body governing Romanian 
athletics, said Fidatov, had been picked for this weekend's race in Vilamoura 
after testing negative in three doping tests over the past two months. 

"Fidatov did not stop training during her suspension," Marasescu said. "She 
is in top form as a Romanian cross country squad member." 

Fidatov, 39, had been banned for illegal use of nandrolone. She will now join 
Constantina Dita, Iulia Olteanu, Denisa Costescu, Cristina Grosu and Casandra 
Iloc on a strong Romanian team. 

Ken Nakamura -- this is YOUR turf. How did this mark escape your notice? 

Ken Stone

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