"Flowers Is No Fluke: Black Success In Bobsledding Part Of A Growing Winter 
Sport Tradition"
"The first ever gold medal victory by a black in the Winter Olympics..."

How about ski jumping? Being very thin and having a strong push off the ramp 
are very important. Explosive muscles fibers are needed.

XC skiing? Oops...we've already been down that road.

Speed skating? Come on, black athletes should dominate just as they do on 
the iceless track.

Also, East Asian athletes seem to dominate the short track speed skating. 
Why is this? Is it about genetics? Or about an organized system that picks, 
chooses, and trains these athletes. Where there is a will there is a way.

I'm sorry Jon, but if genetic superiority was so superior then black 
athletes, no matter how few there are in the sports, should dominate the 
above events. Genetics is important, but not as much as you think it is.


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