> On 4. Dec 2020, at 23:42, Barry Kauler <bkau...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/4/20, René Rebe <r...@exactcode.com> wrote:
>> After a decade of development we are proud to announce the availability of
>> the new T2 Linux Source and Embedded Linux distribution build kit stable
>> release 20.10.
> Rene,
> Congratulations!
> Is the "x86-64-avx" ISO just a generic x86_64, only with the extra AVX
> extensions enabled?

This time I wanted the AMD64 ISOs more optimized and the Haswell is AVX2,
and as this was too much for some folks I rebuild a second one with just AVX.

Yes, that leaves out first gen x86-64. Historically I always built generic,
“Athlon64”, however, given the nature of “optimizing source distribution”,
I wanted some extra performance to better compete with Intel Clear Linux ;-)

> So should work on the very first CPUs that came out with AVX, that is
> back around 2008?

> -- just checked on Wikipedia, that is the Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs in
> 2008, and AMD Bulldozer in 2011.

Yes Intel SandyBridge and AMD Jaguar and later IIRC.

Given the confusion, Maybe I have to resort to just build generic Athlon64 /
Core 2 ISOs in the future to just work everywhere.

Ideally i would JIT my whole OS, but that is another story, …



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