Today the T2 System Development Environment Linux 21.4 was released, with the 
largest amount of pre- and cross-compiled set of architectures releases ever!
A total of 15 architectures: x86-64, x86, arm64, arm, riscv64, riscv, ppc64le, 
ppc64-32, ppc sparc64, mips64, mipsel, hppa, m68k, alpha and ia64!

The 21.4 release received updates across the board, while a major working 
target was adding new architecture support for RISCV(32), as further improving 
cross compilation and support for vintage retro system like the Sony PS3 and 
Sgi Octane, but also DEC Alpha and Intel IA64. Low memory optimizations allow 
the 32-bit x86 variant to boot on 486 with as little as 48MB of RAM.

All official ISO images are fully cross build! Over 1294 Subversion revisions, 
of which many are now AI updated by our nightly package bot named “Data”.

As usually most packages are up-to-date, including Linux 5.11.16, GCC 10.3, 
LLVM/Clang 12, as well as the latest version of Rust, <>, 
Mesa, KDE and GNOME 40!

More information, source and binary downloads are available open source and for 
free at: <>

Since recently the development can also be followed live on YouTube at: <>

There were 1294 change-sets with 1879 lines of commit messages.
Approximately 1179 packages got updates, 120 issues fixed, 1179 packages or 
features added and 52 removed.
Around 16 improvements have been committed.

Toolchain updates:
        * updated clang (11.0.0 -> 12.0.0)
        * updated llvm (11.0.0 -> 12.0.0)
        * updated gcc (10.2.0 -> 10.3.0), incl. znver3 Config option
        * updated binutils (2.35 -> 2.36.1)

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