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> In the US there are two long federally-maintained roads, the Blue
> Ridge Parkway and Natchez Trace Parkway, that were built for the sole
> purpose of sightseeing. Since they are surrounded by a narrow strip of
> parkland, access is only allowed at certain points, so they are
> technically expressways (normally trunk in the US). On the other hand,
> they are not intended in any way for utilitarian travel, and
> functionally fit approximately as secondary or tertiary.
> Tagging is thus inconsistent. It looks like the BRP was recently all
> changed to secondary, but the NTP has portions of residential (obvious
> BS) and primary. I'm pretty sure I've also seen trunk and tertiary
> used in the past.

They probably should be secondary, as that conveys the right impression.

On the other hand, some apparently non-local user has messed up tagging
of Route 2 near Boston/Cambridge (from alewife to the science museum)
and made them trunk when they obviously aren't (to anyone who has been
on them - no limited access, constant at-grade intersections, frequent
lights), so maybe you could look into and fix that too :-)

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