2014-09-21 17:53 GMT+02:00 Dan S <danstowell+...@gmail.com>:

> Motivated by the discussion around residential=* sub-tagging, I
> thought it would be useful to get a bit more clarity, by taking some
> existing sub-tagging and putting it through RFC.
> Here is a proposal for residential=gated:

IMHO a gated community is much more than a residential landuse, very often
you will have other landuses there as well (just like any other village). I
would see this orthogonal to landuse and use a settlement object (something
with a tag place with values like ''hamlet'', ''village or if part of
another settlement ''neighbourhood'' or ''suburb'') as an area and add an
attribute for the restricted access (if you don't like access=private this
could also be a new tag).

Typically I'd expect a fenced (or walled or both) area (fence as linear
feature, together they are closed) and then a multipolygon relation with
these barrier-ways as outer members. This multipolygon relation would get
the tags to describe the area / gated community.

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