2014-09-23 1:12 GMT+02:00 David Bannon <dban...@internode.on.net>:

> Zoom in a bit at OSM and pop out the Key, it shows how unsurfaced roads
> are rendered. But you don't see that on the map. Current model does not
> work ! We can continue to argue is OK anyway or we can fix it. Choose.

here we are on the tagging mailing list, to discuss tagging of objects in
the OSM database. With current tags it is indeed possible to say whether a
road is paved or not according to your own definition. The fact that a
particular rendering (carto osm) doesn't currently display the paved
attribute of a road has nothing to do when the question is whether current
tagging works or not. In fact, the maintainers of carto osm have recently
been discussing how to display unpaved roads differently from paved ones,
so this could come in the future. This is really not an argument for the
introduction of a new tag.

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