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> Toll? I assume that means the same in US English as in UK English?

Yes, as in you need to pay a fee to travel on it to use it.

> You really have to pay to use cycleways? How is the toll collected and
> enforced?

I've encountered them in a couple places.  In Oregon, these are as far as
I'm aware, exclusively on ferries, in which you hand off your quarter (or
is it a half dollar now?) to the ferry operator.  In Kansas, it's a receipt
system and you have unlimited travel for the X number of days you prepaid
for.  It's not uncommon (possibly preferred?) for people to tape their
receipt to the bars.  Fares are checked by local and county police along
the route as well as regular patrols by the KHP, and I think you're allowed
to camp short-term along the right of way in designated spots.

Basically, in the Kansas case, the cycleways are long distance, largely
extremely rural, and the fares pay for a) safety patrols to ensure the ways
are clear, not washed out, not flooded, nobody died or got stranded along
the way, and b) toll collection.

Not to say that the Kansas model would scale or is particularly well
enforced, I'm just saying Kansas has a lot of toll cycleway mileage and
it's something to be aware of.
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