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> Il giorno 15 set 2016, alle ore 01:43, John Willis <> ha scritto:
> Historic ones are - the "modern ones" listed are more like a generic outdoor 
> performance venue, so I think its shape is not as important to the 
> definition. 

I think this is subject to discussion, "modern" outdoor theatres that aren't 
closed but have the term "amphitheatre" in their name still might not actually 
be amphitheatres, hence not get this tag. Question to the English native 
speakers: is it common in British English as well to call these "amphitheatre", 
or is it maybe American usage only? By looking at the word itself (greek), it 
would clearly exclude semicircles. As I wrote before, other languages like 
German and Italian don't consider the semicircular ones amphitheatre.

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