On 9/18/2016 1:11 AM, Michael Tsang wrote:
the use of name=* key on a public transport route is considered an abuse
(unless the route has a real name). However, without abusing the name tag, the
life is difficult for both the mapper and the user.

I proceed with the 'abuse'. It's one thing to argue that editors should be smart enough to fall back to other means of identification, but then there's still the array of tools used in the rest of the OSM world. In my case, I monitor the changesets in my area. I completely missed that a bunch of bus routes had been munged by an edit that combined road segments that included the bus routes (with no warning from the editor). The transport relations appeared as an anonymous list of relation numbers.

So, while it may be semantically wrong to assign a name, I'm not convinced that it harms the data.

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