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>> On Sep 18, 2016, at 09:00, tagging-requ...@openstreetmap.org wrote:
>> How could the concept of upstream and downstream be applied to canals
>> and lakes? 
> Open, and non-flowing waterways have a direction of buoyage, that can be 
> interpreted as direction of flow. This system is defined per country, for 
> example Norwegian open water keep green to starboard when sailing North or in 
> fjords, this can be interpreted as water flowing towards South.
> I cannot give a more general concept, as each country defines this rule for 
> themselves.
> For the Great Lakes I believe (but will have to check up to confirm), have 
> defined water flow towards the lower lakes.
> Aun

Besides, forgot to mention, that in open waters you would not have restricted 
oneway canals, but more complex Traffic Separation Systems, which have full 
tagging specifications in the seamark:* tagging scheme.

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