I've many such things: the material is called brash (sometimes brush) in the 
UK. It is often just collected in piles or in longer rows (typically at the 
edge of the area being worked on) and these are usually referred to as brash 
Brash is also used to deliberately fill gaps to discourage people (& their 
dogs) from accessing places.
Dead hedge is just not a term that I recognise: it certainly isn't standard 
British English in the conservation sector. Some hedgelaying techniques of 
interweaving can be used, but these are in the main to reduce the size & 
profile of the pile. When used as a barrier brash is usually used to plug small 
gaps rather than to create a continuous barrier. Note that sometimes brash is 
simply not cleared after chainsaw or brush-cutting and this may appear to a 
deliberate rather than a transient & accidental barrier.
I would therefore suggest barrier=brash_pile or brush_pile, and despite 
Wikipedia not dead hedge. Like every other native English speaker on this list 
dead hedge means a hedge where the plants have died.

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On 13/02/2017 20:46, Chris Hill wrote:
> It's a fence.

+1 to that.

Despite both of the refs on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_hedge 
being English ones, it's not an English term I recognise at all, and it 
could have been designed to confuse.



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