On 08.03.2017 15:18, François Lacombe wrote:
frequency=* tag aims to qualify active elements on telecom or power
networks (among others, see wiki

I see it as an optional property of power lines or cables.

In practice, a physical line/cable section isn't operated at, nor
designed for, any dedicated frequency but it's all about the supported
power circuit (a logical relation going from a place to another place
through the grid). It always exists if line is actually powered on.
We use to map such logical circuits with route=power relations where
frequency is more relevant.

Can we drop frequency on power lines and cables wiki page ?
It can't be guess by looking at the line (instead of voltage) in
landscape and there may be inconsistencies between circuits relations
and lines members.

If no further comments, i'll remove this option in 15 days for the above

The wiki documents for what particular tags are for. This tag is used 826577 times, so this documentation is essential.

Also, we normally do not delete wiki pages at all. The process would be to discourage or deprecate the tag, however the reasons you gave above are very weak for me.

frequency=16.7 is used a lot on railway networks where it is clearly distinguished from the 50 (Europe) or 60 (America) Hz regular energy distribution.

frequency=0 (used on 35% of the tags) means DC power which is used on specific railways, and could also apply to DC distribution networks that I vaguely remember are constructed differently from traditional 50/60Hz-Networks.

Summary: don't touch it.


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