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> Betreff: [Tagging] simple 3D buildings, proposed redefinition of 
> building:levels
> NEW:
> ====
> - building:min_level unchanged
> - building:levels=amount of levels for this part

I support this proposal, although I guess that tag-voting by mailing list will 
reach even less people than doing it in the wiki.  What we'd actually need is 
some kind of feed to inform mappers while mapping (i.e. while using an editor), 
but it would need some intelligence to sort messages relevant to the field 
you're working on.

I.e. when mapper X is not mapping buildings he/she will be less 
inclined/qualified to vote on building related tags.  However, sorting messages 
like this may also raise privacy / big brother issues that we will want to 
avoid. Because sorting messages like this essentially means an algorithm will 
need to look at individual contributions to do some kind of basic profiling. 
This sounds scary (and it is), but has some tempting, undeniable benefits. The 
project would need to offer more protection and anonymity to user accounts 
before advertising such features as being useful. -> After all, a case in the 
news where osm mapping led to personal disadvantage could lead to massive loss 
of man power and trust in the project.  So while this may sound convenient, it 
may be too hard of a task to do for a free project.  (In part, some of these 
issues may also apply to any scheme of a more direct democracy.)


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