IMHO, I would drop shop=boutique because it is one of the most confusing
tag, especially in French-speaking contexts.

Basically in French from France, boutique is a generic word meaning shop.
More than what it sells, it designates the place, generally not very large
("magasin" would then more used). A French butcher tells to his/her family
after the breakfast: "Have a good day everyonem, I will open the boutique
now". We have an expression for "boutique de" (literally shop of)
something, that can be used for clothes from which I guess derivates the
shop=boutique concept. Is it only in the Anglo-sphere that the word
boutique means this or also in other cultural contexts? Eg in Brazil as far
as I know people do not use boutique, while they are quite fond of French
words (like maison meaning house) for shops that want to be considered as

In French-speaking African countries, this generic word is massively used
for the most generic shop by far: a small convenience store, selling food
and non food items all over the walls, up to the ceiling, where you ask at
a desk what you want. This makes it a kind of kiosk, even if many are not
separate shops but taking one part of the basement of a building. And they
are not chic at all. And they are very, very numerous: in a large city you
find one every 50 or 100 meters. For sure there are more African boutiques
in the world than the boutiques of hand-made fashion clothes. Of course,
new African contributors in these countries logically use shop=boutique for
their own cultural reality so some streets in Africa are full of

So IMHO I would tag these fashionable shop the most generic way as
possible, not reflecting only one specific cultural context and avoiding
using boutique. I think a subtag to differentiate ready-to-wear and
hand-made would fit. What do you think?



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> Hi
> Just consulted with an authority in these matters - my wife! :-)
> Her take:
> shop=clothes is chain stores (ie same shop in multiple shopping centres /
> towns) aimed at lower-middle end of the market
> shop=fashion is middle - higher end, but still chain stores
> shop=boutique is "one-off" shops eg selling hand-made rather than
> mass-produced clothes; niche / speciality items etc
> Hope that helps?
> Thanks
> Graeme
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