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> On 23.02.2018 14:42, Thilo Haug wrote:
>> IMHO there are no shops selling BUT printer ink, so a subtag might be
>> more useful :
> Not sure what the "but" means in your sentence. If you doubt that there
> are shops being specialized in selling nothing but ink, I know some.
> printer:ink=sales
>> printer:ink=refill
>> printer:repair=yes
>> printer:sales=yes
>> and so on...
> The "and so on" indicates the problem. I am against turning OSM into a
> shop inventory or an ontology of all products on the planet. I agree with
> Frederik below and his shop=printer_ink favourite.

I can back Tom up here - I know of one business in our area (& there are
*many* others) who's warehouse is full of nothing but printer cartridges -
they don't sell or repair printers & I don't think they even refill
cartridges, they just sell them!

+1 to Fredrick's  shop=printer_ink
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