This is a request for comments on a new feature for *aviation obstacle
lights <>*:

I am planning an import of mobile/cell towers in Norway. The dataset is
based on a public database for obstacles to aircrafts, containing all
vertical structures above a certain height. The dataset also contains
information on warning lights on those structures, such as "flashing red
light" or "low intensity ICAO type A light". There are similar datasets
available in the US and elsewhere. I was unable to find a way to tag the
lights and therefore I am proposing the new feature *airmark=obstacle_light*

I did consider the proposed *light_source=** feature, however it was not
possible to tag dual day/night warning lights, such as "high intensity
flashing white light at daytime/low intensity flashing red light at
nighttime". Also, for high light masts (at for example stadiums), bridges,
certain towers etc there was anyway a need to tag the main light on the
structure and the warning light separately.

The proposal is based on how obstacle lights are coded by ICAO, FAA and
other national aviation regulators. The tagging structure is built on
concepts from the *seamark:light* tags and it is kept as general as
possible in order to be reusable for other kinds of aviation lights
such as aerodrome
beacons <>.

I have no experience with flight simulators, which could be one of the use
cases for this tag, so I am particularly interested in comments from the
flight simulator and aviation communities.
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