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> Anyway, I have a question: in case of a culvert, you would still use
> tunnel=culvert? Because also a culvert is a (short) flooded tunnel, and
> consequently tunnel=flooded could be used.

Story behind tunnel=flooded is it need to be destinguished from both
tunnel=culvert and tunnel=yes (while tunnel=yes isn't a so good value)
A culvert sounds to be as short as the road or path it goes under is narrow
and its definition was too restrictive for longer and larger tunnels.

I'd say that tunnel=flooded is way longer than a culvert (> 50m).
In case of an actual culvert, yes I would use tunnel=culvert because
structures are differents
For instance, culverts built with TBM are not so usual.

Be sure wikipage will give details and extensive list of examples
tunnel=culvert will remain unchanged

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