I thought in OSM we do not map temporary things like people playing something in sports halls (use of sports halls) but only verifiable things like the permanent equipment that allows them to do it. But anyway it is probably better to document the leisure=sports_hall tag. So I have begun to prepare a proposal for such a documentation:, see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/leisure=sports_hall .

The main reason why it's still a draft and not a proposal is that I don't know for what kinds of sports halls (apart from the typical small sport=multi halls) the tag shall be allowed to use. As mentioned previously, the tag has already been used for a tennis hall once. Is that a correct use of the tag leisure=sports_hall in your opinion? Does the combination leisure=sports_hall + sport=tennis really identify a tennis hall? Isn't that just a sports hall with tennis courts inside of which one doesn't know for what kind of sport it is really used?

So how to continue? Allow to use the tag leisure=sports_hall also for tennis halls, swimming halls, riding halls ... and add corresponding examples there, or restrict it to typical sports halls and make separate proposals for leisure=swimming_hall, leisure=tennis_hall, leisure=riding_hall, ...?

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