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I hope this will not start a flamewar: I noticed that, despite being widely 
used, ref=* is not rendered for landuse=forest. I assumed this was used for 
parcel (compartment) numbers, as this tag seems to fit the definition of a 
parcel number; nevertheless, I saw on a Github issue of the main style that 
this usage of ref=* on landuse=forest was unproven and that it ref=* not be 
assumed to contain the parcel number. Besides, it seems that the wiki doesn't 
document this use of ref=*. Making some use of Overpass turbo seems to indicate 
that ref=* is indeed used for parcel numbers; there is also 
boundary=forest_compartment relations, but they seem to be far less used, and 
mainly in Russia. I would like to document this specific use of ref=*, but, 
before, are there use cases where ref=* is used with landuse=forest for 
something, or are such uses errors, or marginal enough to ignore them?

Awaiting your answers,

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