TL:DR - we need a “flower field” tag or a variant of flowerbed.  tat is not 
related to farming, but more to garden or tourism. This is a tag for the field 
itself, not the entire location, which may need a garden:type=spectacle value 
to define it. 
<> (yay! more 
landuse= values!) 


I visited a tulip field In Japan yesterday; thousands of people coming to take 
photographs of a field of flowers and the Dutch windmill they built. 

This is very similar to the flower fields (and windmill) in Calrlsbad, 
California - the tulips and other flowers grown are a spectacle to attract 
visitors. <> 

It is not a commercial farm which happens to be pretty.  it is a carefully 
planned place to attract tourists to see the flowers as a spectacle - like a 
garden or park. 

I understand that in Holland, those are commercial farms (landuse=farmland 
crop=flowers), the beauty is incidental. But people recreate the spectacle on a 
smaller scale as purely a tourist attraction.

Similarly, Hitachinaka Park has a large hill which they rotate the crop of 
flowers (Nemophila is the most popular) and tens of thousands of people come to 
see the flowers every season.

I tagged the flower area on the hill a year or so ago - but was unsure of how 
to tag the flowered ground. I left it untagged. 

Visible here 
<> ( 
<> ( 
Spring) . 

There are also large fields of colorful shibazakura that are planted as a 
tourist attraction. in many large flower grounds. 
In all these instances, the flower fields are a tourist attraction. their 
primary purpose is similar to a botanical garden - they are grown to be viewed 
- but in a garden/park like atmosphere. 

These images are very popular online, especially the large field near Mt Fuji. 


People may buy some flowers, but it is incidental - people primarily come to 
see them. It’s not flower art - there is no “image” grown into the flowers - 
the flowers themselves are the attraction.  

having it tagged as farmland seems wrong. It’s not a crop. It’s not a plant 
nursery. It’s not a botanical garden.

 It’s not a “park” -  the entire location may be a form of “garden” tagged as a 
tourist attraction, but the **field itself** needs a tag. 

Flowerbed? seems a little weird to tag 3000m2 as a flowerbed. But if it is 
approved I will use it. 



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