In the UK the are forty relations as site=railway_station with the role of 'stop'. Am I correct in think these are redundant in relation to the current PT schema?

I asked what stop_areas are for on the OSM forum. Could you clarify? The wiki states what they are, but not their usage. Are there any routers etc who make use of them? Are they really needed? Why were bike racks or toilets included in some?

I'm very glad to see it's proposed to deprecated 'stop_position, platform and station'. 'Station', when used on railway-station was duplication of data which led to confusion & errors. Unsure about "They can be used, but they don't mean anything anymore." If they don't mean anything they shouldn't be used & removed. The database shouldn't be filled with irrelevant gumpf.

What are stop_area_groups for? It appears they just add further layers of confusion. Relations aren't meant to be a 'collection of things'. If stop_area can be found by something like an API query call, do they need to be in a relation? Will/do routers use them?

Could you clarify what is meant by 'segment' in "Stops (platforms) are mandatory for a route relation, and segments are not."

"bus=yes, tram=yes, subway=yes" tags on the Station and Stop objects will be duplication & superfluous.

I agree that Stations and Stops should be separate from buildings & landuse.

The last line of https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Public_Transport_v3#Stops_and_Stations mentions 'public_transport=station'. which I thought you said was deprecated.


On 20/07/2018 14:48, Ilya Zverev wrote:
Hi folks,

As you might've noticed, in the past year there has been growing discomfort 
with the current Public Transport tagging schema. Of course, it brought order 
to our route relations, but also introduced a lot of redundant concepts. We've 
seen a couple proposals aiming to fix some of issues, but nothing stuck.

Please consider this new revision for the PT schema, which addresses most of 
the issues, while keeping as backward compatible as possible:


I'd be happy to hear any suggestions. Next week, I'll be presenting it, among other 
things, during my talk "What's up with the public transport" at the State of 
the Map conference.

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