As the discussion about intermittent/seasonal/... on waterways goes on,
there is another thing to map: how waterways banks can be dangerous due to
sudden rise or lower water level.
It is actually related to what we intend to map with intermittent or

For example in France, we often find such warning signs:

Precise sections of streams or rivers are marked as dangerous even in good
It is stronger than simple intermittence or seasonality because of
industrial activities running upstream (mainly hydroelectric power
generation or dam operation).
Nevertheless, I didn't find any global database or public information
displaying data about such particular flooding situations. OSM can be one
of this kind.

Here is a public display next to a power plant in French Alps (with a nice
piece of OSM without attribution)

Then what could be the best way to tag it?
No existing tag sounds suitable for this, even the idea of a single
"permanence" key.

All the best

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