I see building=house as useful because it distinguishes houses from blocks of 
flats but the case to have anything that repeats way geometry or 
building:levels is much less obvious.

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> How about building=residential to replace house/terrace/detached?

-1, there are several established tags for residential buildings in osm, e.g. 

The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them.  We have 
many tags for residential buildings
and the result is that they're used inconsistently.

and as the example shows, it isn’t possible to reliably identify terraced 
houses just by analyzing the geometry, so
why would we want to remove the details? If someone is only interested in a 
detail level like “residential”, they won’t have to care about the differences 
in meaning and can normalize them all locally to residential.

That's what we do with some other types of buildings.  We separate form from 
function.   We have industrial buildings
and then specify the industry.

We can have building=bungalow but that is redundant when it just means 

We can have building=detached, building=semi,  building=house with most people 
using them incorrectly or
inconsistently or we can have building=residential and let the footprint 
indicate the type.  Or, if you insist, add
residential=* where clarification is desirable.

We've just had a lot of people say "The wiki says this should be 
building=detached but I always use building=house."
That indicates the tags don't map well to how people actually think.  It also 
means that you can't rely on the value
used indicating what it is meant to.  We can carry on with the current muddle 
or we can try to do better.  You vote muddle.


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