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> On 10. Aug 2018, at 15:29, Paul Allen <> wrote:
> 1) It is said to be standard practice to render what is observable on the 
> ground. 

everybody can render what she deems most useful, there is not an absolute rule 
to render what is on the ground (e.g. if there is a typo on a sign, you must 
not put that into ‘name’ if you know and have confirmed it is a typo. It could 
be useful to map the signed name as well, but I wouldn’t use the key “name” for 
it, as that is for the name)

> ...
> I don't need to know which languages are spoken in this region, or what 
> language(s) the sign is in, that is what the
> sign SAYS and that is what should be mapped (in my opinion).  

thing is, you might want to know in which language the sign is, and there is 
currently no way to find out from our data. If you don’t want to know, you are 
already served ;-)

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