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> On 15. Aug 2019, at 20:38, Paul Allen <> wrote:
> Ummm, you seem to contradict yourself there.  Painters/decorators work at 
> their craft
> wherever their craft is needed, not in their office/storage space.  
> Carpenters are the same.

rereading myself it seems I haven’t been very clear (essentially there are 
missing parentheses for the other professions that do not typically work in a 
workshop) what I meant to say is that craft (with some exceptions) is about the 
workplace of the craftspeople, while painters and some other (not mentioned by 
me) professions may only require an office with some storage space, it is 
typical for many other craft places that there is a workshop where work is done 
(some examples for the latter are listed in my post). This includes carpenters 
as well, who usually do a lot of the work in a workshop and on site they only 
assemble/mount the parts they have prepared (they are not comparable to 

Cheers Martin 

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