Not yet, but it is an option. 

Similar to bridge is man_made=bridge + whatever ways it has on it, my thinking 
is that the levee is the man_made=dyke way and then additional details of what 
it’s made out of. 

The earthen barriers are man-made, and are barriers, so some kind of barrier= 
tag is in order. Mapping the embankments on the sides would useful if they were 
gigantic. Otherwise some kind of earthen barrier is a barrier way. 

What do they use for barriers around battlefield training courses (tanks, 
infantry, etc?). Perhaps there is a barrier=berm necessary for earthen mounds. 
I don’t see how they work with levees, but they might be useful for this 
situation and places where =hedge and =block would be used. 


> On Nov 21, 2019, at 1:11 AM, Marco Predicatori <> wrote:
> ...and yet you've already turned embankments into dykes, where there's no 
> water

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