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> Thanks, Paul - I don't disagree with a word you said, except maybe the
> importance of road construction?

It's complicated, but you understand the difference between a motorway (or
it is called where you are) and a dirt track.

> I mentioned "performance" & "importance" as they are the definitions used
> for highway=trunk
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dtrunk

Doesn't mean those are universally applicalbe.  Those are largely UK
They are basically routeing definitions.  An A-road is a good way of
getting from
A to B and a B-road is a worse way of doing it,  Depending upon whether your
metric is shortest distance or best road surface or fastest speed if there
is no
other traffic or,,,

> In some of the cases that I'm thinking of, these are the only roads, so
> yes, very important.
But that's still a routeing question.  Yeah, it's the only way from A to
B.  But it's
still  a dirt track, not a motorway.  Use the standard query tool to ask
how to
get from A to B and it will find it.

 we map dirt tracks between Hell's Bumhole and Arse-end Of Nowhere as
> motorways because they're the only way of getting from one place to the
> other?  No, no, a
thousand times no.
> & yes, yes, a thousand times yes, :-) I agree that they shouldn't be
> =motorways, BUT, they should be either =trunk or =primary, because, in this
> area, they are the main road, & so are of vital importance!

Nope, it's down to construction/legality.  Your "vital/importance"
distinction is mere
routeing.  We in the UK have blurred the distinction between
issues and routeing.

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