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> On 5. Jan 2020, at 17:06, Rob Savoye <> wrote:
>  Digging around the internet, I see a variety of ways to tag sites like
> this, and a few old unapproved proposals. Since these structures are
> thousands of years old, shouldn't they be 'historic=archaeological_site'
> instead ? Or 'historic=cliff_dwelling, ruins=yes' ?

from my point of view, yes, it is usually preferable to tag ruins with 
historic=archaeological_site (unless they are modern/recent). I’ve myself used 
historic=ruins a lot many years ago and have since changed most of them to 
archaeological site.
I also suggest to add historic:civilization to give more context:

And site_type of course:

I’d see historic=ruins as a very generic fallback when you have no clue what 
you are looking at, but which should ideally be retagged if you do have an idea 
what it is.

Cheers Martin 

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