a couple of months ago, i brought up the circuit proposal again,
to a profound lack of interest. it is being used, by myself and
others, because it does serve a need. as a reminder the original
proposal is here:


but in the past couple of days, i've had an idea, and you all know
how dangerous that can be.

what if, instead of adding this circuit type, we instead recognized
that the route relation already exists and the purposes of the rather
specialized circuit relation could be handled simply by adding a
raceway or race_circuit subtype.

additionally, there is a need in OHM that arises for a similar route
relation variant type for horse racing tracks, which has to do with
temporal tagging of race tracks that have served both purposes in their
lifecycles, sometimes but not always at the same time.

this seems like a really clean way to get what's needed while sticking
with a relation that already exists.

the additional tags for things like start line, finish line, etc. would
be added much like the specialized tags for outher types of routes.

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