I've been tagging some indoor routes in buildings already mapped with Simple 
Indoor Tagging, using highway=footway+indoor=yes, but am having a problem with 
flights of stairs. With most elements that are repeated between floors (and 
would thus have identical lat/longs), such as elevator or stairwell doors, you 
use repeat_on=* to specify additional levels that it's found on, and the levels 
are specified with either a semicolon or a hyphen to denote level ranges. 
However, this doesn't work with elements that span multiple floors and are 
repeated on multiple floor ranges, such as flights of stairs. 

Compare this (correct)

with this (incorrect I guess)

Is there any way to tag these flights of stairs with repeat_on=*? I want to do 
this because step_count=* is potentially useful information for visually 
impaired travelers, and it's much more useful to say that a specific flight of 
stairs has 9 steps than that a whole staircase has 72 steps. 

Jeremiah Rose 

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